50 Guests and Live Band? Absolutely!

Wedding entertainment is one of the most important parts of every memorable wedding and we at Renovator want to ensure you have the perfect day for you and your guests.

  • NUMBER OF GUESTS (does not include your suppliers)

At present, under current restrictions, you may have a maximum of 50 guests at your wedding. Please note, this number DOES NOT include your vendors, staff, band members etc. For example, at a level 2 wedding, you can have 50 guests and not have to worry about the size of your band or the number of staff.

RENOVATOR have been fortunate enough to have worked with some great couples since the Summer 2020 who have been extremely happy with their wedding going ahead with their Band and DJ. We have a diverse repertoire to cater for all crowd sizes and adapt on the fly to match your audience to ensure they are all entertained and have a night to remember.


Based on our experiences so far, we highly recommend talking to your wedding venue well in advance to book your meal an hour earlier so that you can enjoy a full band and DJ package. Once they have advance notice of this, they can adjust accordingly.


The band will arrive early to set up and will maintain a distance from guests in the ballroom at all times. We will be operating as our own bubble whilst practicing social distancing etiquette, wearing masks and operating with the appropriate hand hygiene practices on arrival and departure.

Most function rooms should suffice for adequate social distancing. Most guests in our experience over the summer tend to keep a distance when dancing with their partner and have been very conscious about other guests whilst on the dance floor. They’ve still managed to have a great time and create a great atmosphere to celebrate your big day.


We are very passionate about ensuring that your day is as special as possible. Providing entertainment for you and your guests of the highest calibre is our priority, whilst also ensuring we do so safely and in accordance with current guidelines. We have been very fortunate to have the experiences of this summer’s weddings to give you the assurances that your day can run as planned, even with reduced numbers. We will put all this experience that we have acquired to ensuring your day runs smoothly. So let RENOVATOR help you in creating the memories that will last a lifetime.