Frequent questions we are asked


Who are Renovator and how many members are in the band? 
Renovator are a Tralee based five-piece band. There are five members - Tom Leahy on lead Vocals, Colin Mac Hale on vocals / keyboards, Aidan O'Shea on guitar, Joe O'Shea on bass and Ivan O'Connor on drums / vocals.

How Long Do The Band Play For?
We plan our sets to last for two hours for most gigs and functions. For weddings, we play for two and a half hours, including a ten minute break for refreshments, where we will provide suitable background music to be played through our system.

How long do you need to set up? 

We require one hour to fully setup our gear and run necessary checks before any performance.
We also strive to pack all equipment away and clear the stage area as soon as possible to minimalism disruption for a venue.


Can You Supply A Setlist?
We can provide a setlist if requested. Feel free to contact us for enquires about our setlist at our email address. For a sample setlist, check our Gigs section.


Do you require any additional equipment upon arrival at the gig?
All we request for is a clear, reasonably sized space or stage area with easy access to power.
We provide our own full PA system with microphones and lighting rig as well as amplifiers and drum kit.

Do you write and play original music

Renovator have a catalogue of original music. While we would love to play them more often, due to the demands of compiling a two hour set suitable for the demands of a typical gig crowd, we generally do not include them in our set. On occasions, where it is appropriate to include them in our live sets, we will, or by request.

Do Renovator play Weddings?

Yes, we are available to perform at weddings. We aspire to provide a high quality and professional live performance to ensure your night is a most enjoyable one. To contact us about a booking, check out our booking section.

What type of music do you play at Weddings?

We have a very broad catalogue of music from which we work from. We understand the varied tastes which your guests may have, old and young, on your big day. We will provide a mixture of modern pop, some classic rock hits and some lively dance floor fillers to get your guests swinging the night away. We have plenty of experience in reading a crowd throughout the night and can ensure our song choices are timed well throughout the setlist. We are highly adaptable when it comes to providing for your requirements and can perform requests if given good notice beforehand.


Do you play waltzes and quick steps?

Should waltzes and quick steps be required, we would be delighted to cater for such a request.
Like other requests, ensure you inform the band in good time that you wish this to be included on the set for the night.


Can Renovator supply a Dj for weddings?

Yes, we can supply a DJ. We understand the need to take the stress out of planning the entertainment side of your night. Therefore, we can include a highly entertaining and professional DJ in our package for the night as well as our own live set to ensure you and your guests will be dancing the night away in style.

Will you do requests on the night?

Generally we won't do requests on the night unless it is a song which we have rehearsed and are comfortable playing. A band trying to busk its way through a song which some members may know and others don't without rehearsal can sound very amateur, and we are very keen to avoid this.
If you have a specific request, please contact us in advance.


Can you play out-doors?

It is possible for us to play outdoors. We do need a covered stage area with a solid, clean, even floor (not grass). If there is a possibility of rain, we will have to cover all equipment. The sound will be much better if there is a solid wall behind the band, otherwise the sound can 'disappear'.

Can I come and see the band perform before booking for a wedding event?

We are delighted to welcome couples to check out the band at a live event. Check our gig listings to see if we are playing near you very soon.

What other events do Renovator cater for?

We are highly adaptable to whatever event you wish to book us for. Such examples include 21st parties, biker rallies and other such functions.


Can you make announcements during the gig?

Yes, we are very happy to do announcements during a performance or, if previously agreed, you are welcome to come up on stage and use the microphone yourself.

Do you allow for guest appearance on the night during the set?

We do not provide for unplanned guest appearances at a live event.